Charbonneau Industries is a privately owned company founded by Steve Charbonneau in 1989. Ci got its start in Atlanta, Georgia, but Corporate Headquarters were quickly established in Houston, Texas where the company grew rapidly. The Houston facility is equipped with 850,000 square feet of climate controlled office and warehouse space, $150 million of in-house inventory and approximately $190 million of inventory on order at any given time.

 Charbonneau Industries now has 10 different locations and just under 320 employees nationwide. 

Over the past 25+ years, Ci has become a preferred valve and valve actuation integrated supplier for some of the world’s most demanding Oil and Gas companies.

Our business model has evolved over the years to where we are certain that Charbonneau Industries can add value to the installed base of actuators in your site.


What We do

Charbonneau Industries is a brand neutral master distributor, and an integrated supplier of products and service in one company. This combination gives our clients brand options from stock, and gives our manufacturing partners multiple access points to our midstream markets.  

our promise to you

Charbonneau Industries is committed to serving our clients in a professional and timely manner. 



Ci is disrupting the traditional oil & gas
distribution company model.


At Charbonneau Industries, quality means
doing it right the first time. 


Our goal is 100% satisfaction from our customers, and
Charbonneau Industries employees take great pride in making sure our customers come first.


"Doing what it takes to maintain our standard of excellence since 1989."

-Charbonneau Industries