With a through-conduit, double block-and-bleed design and fully protected seat faces, the GROVE G4N slab gate valve is ideal for long-lasting, drop-tight shutoff in liquid pipelines.

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wkm saf-t-seal

The Cameron WKM Saf-T-Seal slab gate valve is a simple, yet rugged and reliable, through-conduit valve.


M&J M303

The M&J Valve Model M-303 is an advanced fabricated body design slab gate valve manufactured and tested to API-6D. The fabricated body allows for a wide selection of material choices. The floating slab gate uses the natural force of line pressure to obtain a dynamically tight downstream seal in high-pressure differential applications. Low-pressure sealing is accomplished with coil springs that energize the seat pushing it against the gate.



The Valbart Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve (TCSGV) is the oil and gas industry's choice for liquid and gas applications equiring a reliable, tight shit-off valve to prevent leakage and minimize losses from process contamination.