At Ci, we have a one million square foot, state of the art facility, which includes all of the below: 


Machine Shop

-Valve & Pipe Beveling
-Key Seaters
-Gear Shapers
-Gear Hobs
-CNC Lathes & Mills
-CNC Plasma Cutter

Modification shop

-High Head Extensions
-Lube Lines
-Pipe Pups
-Pinion Shaft
-Stub Up
-Custom DTR Fittings
-Drain Fittings
-Flange to BW
-Custom 3D Drawings


production shop

-Automation Assembly
-Valve Packages

Testing Facility

-10 Testing Bunkers
-Can Test Up to 42” Valves with 2’ Pipe Pups
-API-6D Testing
-Extended Hydro Testing
-NDE Testing
-Dye Penetrant Testing
-Magnetic Particle Testing
-X-Ray Testing
-Ultra Sonic Testing
-Squeeze Racks
-Test Caps as Needed


Project Services

-Project Management

field service

-Valve Repair | All Types
-Flush, Grease, Sealnt Injections
-Packing, Repair, Recondition
-Factory Trained Technicians

-Actuator Repair | All Types
-Troubleshoot, Repair, Recondition
-Installation, Modification, Comission



-OQ Certified
-ISNet World
-Limitorque Blue Ribbon
-Level 3Nordstrom Valve