Rapid seal abrasion is inherent in the designs of most ball and gate valves. The Cameron GENERAL Twin Seal double-block-and-bleed plug valve reduces this constant wear by using two seating slips independently mounted on a tapered plug by dovetails, which mechanically retract from the seating surface prior to rotating. This provides a bubble-tight, verifiable dual seal without seal abrasion.


  • Industrial processes

  • Oil and gas

  • Aviation fueling


  • Pipeline pumping stations and terminals

  • Refinery bulk loading terminals

  • Aviation and naval fueling systems

  • Crude oil and refined products metering and measurement systems

  • Pig launcher and receiver systems

  • Specialty applications in industrial process plants


Our inventory includes a wide range of selections

  • Sizes range from 2"-36"

  • ASMI Class 150-900