pipelines & processing

Midstream markets demand special valve and actuation inventory and expertise. Our inventory includes API-6D Expanding Gate Valves, API-6D Slab Gate Valves, API-6D Double Block and Bleed Plug Valves, 2 Piece Ball Valves, 3 Piece Ball Valves, and Welded Body Ball Valves from the best Domestic Manufacturers and from approved import manufacturers from Italy, India, China, and Mexico. All of our automation packages are rated for explosion proof service in order to meet the Midstream market requirements

refining & chemical

The refining and chemical processing industry is one of the most demanding environments for valves and vale automation equipment. Our inventory is tailored for this kind of industry. we understand that valves and valve actuators are critical to these processes. keeping inventory on hand and plant specific is our specialty. whether it's custom wiring schematics or fast cycle times, we have the flexibility to meet your demands. check out or valve and actuator section for more details. 

power generation

The power generation industry has seen demand for energy growing steadily. Existing fossil fuel, combined cycle, nuclear and renewable energy plants are working harder than ever to keep up. Our inventory of Limitorque actuators and parts is the largest in the country. We are uniquely positioned to be an ideal supplier to the power generation industry.  

water government

Providing valve and valve automation solutions for the water, municipal and commercial markets had always been a strong focus of Charbonneau Industries. Whether it's maintenance or capital projects, our capabilities to provide space parts or complete automated valve packages are unmatched. 

engineering | electrical | Mechanical Services

Charbonneau Industries sales and support personnel work closely with Engineering and Contractors to ensure that the right products are selected for each project. Our vast internal network of product specifications and in-depth application knowledge are vital in the successful completion of your project. Let us show you our capabilities to provide you with options to help ensure that your project reaches completion on time, and on budget.