•  Open and close travel stops, ±3° minimum
  • Local position indicator
  • Suitable for SIL 3 environments
  • Hydraulic manual override with reservoir filter, dipstick & adjustable speed controls
  • High-pressure-rated controls for local, remote & automatic operation
  • Scotch yoke mechanism generates torque outputs to 5.7M in-lbs
  • Steel fabrication frames, rated IP67 with NAMUR accessory moun􀆟ng pa􀆩ern
  • Power gas & hydraulic cylinders are internally plated and pressure rated to 1500 psig
  • Compact, corrosion resistant controls- manifold design within a lockable enclosure
  • All control configurations (Local, Remote, ESD, Linebreak, etc.) rated to 1500 psig
  • 3-stage supply gas conditioner on every control configuration
  • Hand pump override has a pivot/latching handle design that is compact and lockable