The Flowserve Limitorque MX, non-intrusive electric actuator is designed for a wide range of environmental applications in power, oil & gas, and water industries.


  • Power

  • Oil & Gas

  • Chemical

  • Water

  • General Industry


  • Non-intrusive electronic design

  • Wide variety of configurations, including torque-only, thrust-based, linear thrust base and rising stem applications

  • Weatherproof, explosion proof, and submersible applications

  • 100% repeatable and redundant absolute encoder for position sensing

  • Electronic torque switch

  • 3-phase, 1-phase, and DC motors

  • Instant actuator status and valve position in 11 languages

  • Low-temperature capability to -60°C (-76°F) with arctic temperature and solid-state starter options for modulation to 1200 starts per hour