The LVS SUP-R-SEAL gate valve is a through conduit expanding gate valve. The expanding gate of this valve provides a tight seal that holds up to most pressures with a variety of flow mediums. The seats are equipped with plastic sealing surfaces to provide the best seal for multiple mediums, pressures, and temperatures.

The continuous bore design allows for pigs to pass through without interference. It also provides a pressure drop that is consistent to pipe of the same length.

The two piece gate-segment design allows for easy movement in transition from the fully closed and open positions all while providing a tight seal in those “finishing” positions. Stops are used to serve as contact points for the gate-segment assemblies causing the assemblies to wedge, thus providing a good seal.

The LVS SUP-R-SEAL does not depend on lubricants to provide a seal in most operations although it is recommended that the seat areas be lubricated to provide for smooth operation. Also, lubricants can be added in emergency situations to aid in the sealing off of this valve if the seal areas happen to become damaged.

The stem is sealed by a compressed packing set that includes a lantern ring to allow for injectable packing. The injectable packing is used to energize the packing and does not serve as a primary seal. It is recommended that the stem area be injected with packing every 35-40 cycles of the valve or every three months to ensure that the packing is energized properly to provide the best seal.


Our inventory includes a wide range of selections

  • Sizes range from 3"-30"

  • ASMI Class: 150-900