Double Block and Bleed Plug Valves ( DBB ), are designed to provide high integrity, positive shut-off with the double block and bleed verification design. DBB Plug valves are used in critical applications where product contamination risks are high. These valves are found in Pumping Stations, Liquids Terminals, Aviation Terminals, Crude Oil and Refined products Metering and Measurement Equipment.


general twin seal & gENERAL tRU sEAL

Rapid seal abrasion is inherent in the designs of most ball and gate valves. The Cameron GENERAL Twin Seal & Tru Seal double-block-and-bleed plug valves reduce this constant wear by using two seating slips independently mounted on a tapered plug by dovetails, which mechanically retract from the seating surface prior to rotating. This provides a bubble-tight, verifiable dual seal without seal abrasion.


General 4-way diverter valve

The Cameron portfolio of GENERAL valves includes a four-way diverter design that features no-leak stream separation and a longer seal life. This valve does not rely on line pressure or hydraulic pressure for positive sealing.


franklin duraSeal

Franklin Valve manufactures and markets the Franklin DuraSeal as the premier DBB valve on the market. The DuraSeal DBB plug valve meets the requirements under the "Buy American Act", is API-6D monogrammed, API-6FA (firesafe), API 591 (destructive), API 622 (emissions) and PED/CE certified. 



The Western Valve DAN-EX is an accepted Block and Bleed Valve (DBBV) as it has two independent seating slips that are mechanically expanded against the body seat by the downward movement of the tapered plug. The seating slips will seal with both high and low pressure imposed on both upstream and downstream sides of the valve. With the product now trapped in the center cavity between the two independent slips and the body bleed valve can be opened to verify 100% positive shutoff at high or low pressure.