2 piece series 6800 & 3 piece series 5700/6700


All PBV® trunnion mounted ball valves are designed and manufactured to facilitate block and bleed applications in the closed position only. In addition, valves 6" and larger can be completely flushed with the valve under pressure and in the closed position. This is achieved by utilizing the drain valve and vent hole in combination.


  • Seats ensure low and high pressure sealing and body cavity self relief

  • Double sealing on stem, stem gland, and closure connections

  • Stem injection fitting for secondary sealing

  • Large pre-drilled adapter plate for ease in actuation

  • Smooth electroless nickel-plated ball for bubble-tight sealing and low operating torque

  • Valve serialization provides complete traceability

  • Flanged x flanged, weld end x weld end, and flanged x weld end body connections

  • Bi-directional flow

  • Seat injection fitting with internal check for emergency sealing

  • Secondary metal-to-metal sealing accomplishes firesafe requirements

  • Standard insert materials include Nylon and reinforced TFE

  • Self-lubrication steel trunnion bearings for smooth operation

  • Drain valve for block and bleed function and seat integrity verification

  • Field serviceable


Our inventory includes a wide range of selections

  • 2 Piece- Sizes range from 2"-16"

    • ASME Class 150-900

  • 3 Piece- Sizes range from 2"-30"

    • ASME Class 150-900