Ci is well equipped to repair or recondition any valve, mechanical, pneumatic or electric actuator that may be experiencing issues. 

Ci has been reconditioning actuators for over 25 years and is considered a leader in repair/reconditioning of any actuator in the world. Turnaround time and reliability has made Ci the deserving, respectable service-orientated company for any repair/reconditioning job, no matter what size or quantity. Our capabilities allow us to recondition over 60 actuators in a 2-3 week period while maintaining day-to-day business functions. Customer satisfaction is our goal with any repair or recondition. 

  • Actuator Repair
    In-House & In the Field
    Each repair carries a 1-year warranty on all parts replaced
    Each recondition carries a 1-year warranty on the complete actuator

  • Available Services 
    Extensive initial report
    Degreasing the complete Actuator
    Wheelabrators to remove all paint to bare metal
    Motor Meg Test
    Surface machining (If needed)
    FM certify or Group B certify (for Limitorque actuators)
    Reassembly and Testing
    Paint Booth