More than 60 years of worldwide service in oil, gas, chemicals, water, slurry, and multiproduct applications has established the WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valve as one of the most trusted gate valves, especially where safety and seal reliability are critical.

The positive mechanical seating force of the lock-in-place seals holds with zero leakage through conditions of vibration, pressure change, and temperature excursion. The rigid, cast steel body resists pipeline bending moments.

TFE seals on both faces of the valve provide drop-tight sealing even at low differential pressure, while metal-to-metal contact between the seals and gate mechanism provides fire-safe shutoff. Optional all-metal seals also are available for service up to 1,000 degF [538 degC], where leakage rates comply with API 6D Supplement 2.

The Pow-R-Seal gate valve is the choice of liquid pipeline operators because it tolerate the wax, paraffin, abrasives, and multiproduct flow that causes problems in other valve designs.


  • Protection of seat faces

  • Smooth, continuous conduit for flow

  • Tight mechanical seal and double block-and-bleed capability

  • Fugitive emissions–tested SLS stem seal

  • Inline and field repairability

  • Fire-safe operation to API 6FA, Bs6755, and ISO 10497

  • Design for corrosive, erosive, and aggressive pipeline service


Our inventory includes a wide range of selections

  • Sizes range from 2"-24"

  • ASME Class 150-900